album cover

The first Mandorla album was released on F-IRE records in 2009. You can listen to some tracks here.

The album explored a wide range of styles and influences, from Steve Reich to Bjork and John McLaughlin. I also set to music two poems by Carol Ann Duffy (before she became poet laureate!). 

The core band on the album was:

  • Carlos Lopez-Real (alto/sop sax)
  • Simon Colam (piano/rhodes)
  • Justin Quinn (guitars)
  • Oli Hayhurst (acoustic and electric bass)
  • Ben Reynolds (drums).

Additionally, there were guest appearances by:

  • Tom Arthurs (trumpet)
  • Fini Bearman (vocals)
  • Ben Davis (cello)

I've recorded many other albums as a sideman in recent years. The menu on the right lists some of them...