e17jazz large ensemble


This band premiered in September 2009 at the first e17jazz festival. Pianist Liam Noble had been commissioned to compose a suite of music for the band, and performances regularly include his great writing as well as compositions by several other members of the band, including myself. Recently, composer Hans Koller has started writing a new suite of music for us which we'll be incorporating into the repertoire.

We've played at the London Jazz Festival, Vortex Jazz Club, and regularly feature at the e17 jazz collective gigs. 2014 sees us taking the band on the road to the Cheltenham Jazz Festival and the Sage, Gateshead, among other places. The band features Brigitte Beraha on voice, myself on alto sax, Tori Freestone on tenor sax & flute, Jez Franks on guitar, John Turville on piano, Dave Manington on bass, Percy Pursglove on trumpet and a host of other stars...

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