'Dig It' - my series of play along books

band image'Slick and sophisticated, some beautiful passages. This volume does everything' - Music Teacher magazine

'Contrasting and melodic' - Woodnotes

'Extremely versatile...a very good buy' - Flutewise

'Dig It' is aimed at intermediate level students. The 7 cool tunes are jazz-influenced and are suitable for players from all musical backgrounds. There are also opportunities for improvisation. The books have a very flexible format, so you can play alone (with the backing CD), or with a piano, or as duos and trios. The CD and extra parts are included with the books and can even be used to created mixed ensembles.

The Dig It series consists of 5 main books: Saxophone, Clarinet, Trumpet, Flute, Violin. There is also a rhythm section supplement for piano, guitar, bass and drums.

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